I haven’t posted new updates recently in this blog but this time I will be sharing to you my brand new exciting experience.

Last August 21, 2017, I was invited to join along with the other members of Davao Digital Influencers for an Aerial Davao- Samal Island tour courtesy of Fiesta Airways for us to experience their tour services. My teammate Ms. Pal sent me a message days beforehand if I want to come for this tour and with no hesitation of course I confirmed and said yes. I already have an idea that we will be riding a small airplane and I am super excited for it. We were supposed to have the aerial tour August 18th which is also Kadayawan Festival but it was moved because the pilot isn’t available. My excitement was postponed for awhile and have to wait after 2 days.


The day has come for our Aerial tour and we’re scheduled to be there early to have a good view of the city. The early bird award goes to me since I was the first one in the group to arrive in our meeting place. The jump start of our tour is at ST. Alexius College Flight School, located at Sasa Old Airport, Davao City.



Our tour was led by our Pilot, Capt Steve Maravilla of St. Alexius College Flight School and rode their G8 Airvan Aircraft (8 seater plane) It was truly an exciting experience since I haven’t flown for a year. We left the airport around 8 am and everyone is excited.

Here are some of the photos taken from above during our Aerial Tour



To see more of our Aerial Tour of Davao and Samal Island, here’s my vlog during our flight.

If you wish to experience this Aerial Tour Services when in Davao, check Fiesta Airways Facebook page and check their services offered.




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