Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge and Sky & Vertical Race 2017 – Press Launch

Last April 25, 2017, Visit Davao Fun Sale announced the upcoming VDFS Mt. Apo Events held at ROX Outdoor Shop, Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao City. During the press launch, they announced the two events that will take place from April 29-30, 2017 which is the MT. APO BOULDER FACE CHALLENGE and MT. APO SKY & VERTICAL RACE lead by Mt. Apo Sky & Vertical Race 2017 organizer Mr. Doi Calbes, Tourism Officer of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur Mr. Julius Paner, R.O.X. Abreeza’s Ms. Lisa Acman  and the VISIT DAVAO FUN SALE team.


Mt. Apo Sky &Vertical Race




For Local Registration (PHP)

  • For 70KM Category – P3,500
  • For 35KM Category – P1,500

For Foreign Registration (USD)

  • For 70KM Category – $85
  • For 35KM Category – $40


  • For 70KM Category –  100 Runners only
  • For 35KM Category –  100 Runners only


  •  Event & Finisher Shirt (XS, S, M, L, XL) – both categories
  •  Finisher’s Medal – both categories
  • Trophies – top 3 finishers (male & female), both categories
  • Logistics (hauling, food, fluids, etc)
  • Trail Fee (markings, etc)
  • Post – Race Meal
  • Prizes


  • For 70KM Category –  Professional Catergory
  • For 35KM Category –  Non- Pro Category


  •  100% Technicalities ( for 70km only)
  • Forest, boulders, river trekking, open trail, dirt roads
  • 6km pavement road ( 1km @ every proper Barangay & Sitio)
  • 17km + out & back for 35km category
  • 35km+ out & back for 70km category
  • River crossing (2x) for both category
  • Boulder route (2km+) & river trej (100m) for 70km category only
  • 1 mountain for 35km and the rest is for 70k category
  • Normal Temperature is hot (open trail) and very cold @the forest & summit


  • 35km Category

Start/finish @Darung Sta Cruz –  Sibulan Brgy Hall- Mt. Apo Elem School-Kabarizan (Gabrillo’s Store) – River Crossing – Lowe Tibolo (1st assault) – Balusong Waterfalls (turning point) – then back

  • 70km Category

Start/finish @Darung Sta Cruz –  Sibulan Brgy Hall- Mt. Apo Elem School- Kabarizan (Gabrillo’s Store) – River Crossing – Lower Tibolo (1st assailt) – Balusong Waterfalls-Aboitiz Plant A- Tingting (2nd assault)- Tudaya Elem. School – Baruring (3rd assault) – Colan- Tumpis (4th assault) – Camp 1- Camp 2 –  Boulders Entrance (5th assault) – Rock Tower – 87 degrees (last assault) – CAmpsite Grotto (turning point) – Peak-then back


  • Trailporn- single track & dirt roads
  • Ridge Running
  • High Altitude Running
  • River Crossing(2x)
  • Balusong Waterfalls
  • Nature Spring
  • River Trekking
  • Boulder Route
  • Rock Tower
  • Crater Lake/ Mt. Apo Lake
  • Lake Venado
  • Mt. Apo Summit
  • wild berries & strawberries can be seen on trails
  • wild animals like monkeys can be seen on trails
  • sulfur & rock formation etc can be seen on boulders


  • 70km  – Professional Category

At least 42km finisher, mountain trail race and not a whiner. Must be 18 years of age, if not, must provide parent consent and mush have Medical Certificate (2016 issue)

  • 35km – Non- Pro Category

Open. At least you run and finish the course within cut off time.

Note Strong Finisher (major category) of 1st MT. A PO Sky &Vertical Race, Kalatungan Ridge Ultimate Race (KRUR), The Punisher 50 (TP50) and Mt. Hamiguitan Trail Race is highly qualified to run the PRofessional CAtegory of this race.


  •  70km (22H to FINISH) – 2AM GUNSTART
  1. 02:00- 08:00 – at the AS4, 6H from gunstart
  2. 08:00 – 14:00 – at the summit turning point, 6H from AS4
  3. 14:00 – 24:00 – at the finish line, 10H from the summit
  1. 05:00 – 10:00 – at the AS2, 5H from gunstart
  2. 10:00 – 14:00 – at the finish line, 4H from AS2


  •  70km – AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4
  • 35km – AS1, AS2

How to get there?

Participants from outside Mindanao, like Cebu, Manila, and Foreign Country, you can book your flight direct to Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City, Philippines. Davao airport is closer to Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur than any airport in Mindanao, Philippines

From Davao airport

Take a cab (outside the airport) goint to Ecoland Terminal. Ecoland is only 12K,s away from the airport and travel time is approx 25-35 min. Then take a bus bound for Cotabato, Kidapawan, Malita, Digos etc. and inform the driver or conductor that you’re heading to Brgy. Darung Sta. Cruz only. Landmark is San Miguel Corporation Gate 1 near Phoenix Gasoline Station,venue is exactly across Don Alfonso Quarry. Travel time from Davao to Darung is approx 1 hr and 30Kms away. Fare is P50.00 for aircon bus.

If you’re lost and need direction, contact Race Director Romualdo “Doi” Calbes (09255566692)

Mt. APO Sky & Vertical Race on the 29th of April , 2am-12md will be at Darung Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur, Philippines. This event is in partnership with LGU Sta. Cruz, DOT XI, Visit Davao Fun Sale and Boulder Face Challenge 2017.

Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge 2017


Mechanics and Rules:


  1. The Boulder Face Challenge is an extreme adventure race.
  2.  The race will have three (3) disciplines to include water tubing, mountain biking            and trail running. The total distance is 95.1 kilometers with the following breakdown:                  a. Water Tubing – 5kmb. Mountain Biking – 36.6 kmc. Trail Running – 53. 5
  3. There will be three (3) major  categories of the race namely: INDIVIDUAL OPEN ELITE, ALL-MALE RELAY and ALL- FEMALE RELAY
  4. For the Open Elite Category 1 logistic crew is considered per participant
  5. For the Relay Category, a team should be composed of three racers, one racer to perform each discipline ( one racer for water tubing one racer for mountain biking and one racer for trail running. The 3 athletes will perform altogether the last 8- kilometer trail fun to finish line).
  6. Participants should be at least 18 years of age.
  7. Register Fee:

                              a.Individual Open Elite – P 2, 500 ( Non- Refundable)

                               b. All – Male Relay – P 4,000  ( Non- Refundable)

                               c. All – Male Relay – P 4,000    ( Non- Refundable)

  8. Each racer should submit medical certificate prior to the deadline of the registration date.
  9.  Each racer should sign a waiver freeing the organizers from any liabilities in case   untoward incidents happen during the race.
  10. Each team should be fully equipped with the required mandatory equipment. Lack of  any prescribed equipment will mean disqualification
  11. Deadline of registration will be on April 17, 2017: 6:00 PM (but you can still sign up   till March 26, 2017- according to them during the press launch)
  12. Briefing/ orientation shall be conducted on April 29, 2017; 1:00 PM at the Municipal Training Center, Municipal Hall, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur.
  13. Issued uniform with race numbers should be used during the whole race duration.
  14. Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are strictly prohibited.
  15. Race regulations/ policies should be strictly observed.
  16. Race proper will start on 30, 2017, 6:00 in the morning. It will take place rain or shine.
Mt. Apo Sky & Vertical Race 2017 organizer Mr. Doi Calbes, Tourism of Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur Mr. Julius Paner, ROX Abreeza Ms. Lisa Acman together with the Visit Davao Fun Sale team and Davao Digital Influencers.

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