It’s Awesome at Pawsome Dog Cafe

Taking care of a dog needs a sense of responsibility. You need to be ready and should be financially stable perhaps. We have them to keep us company at home and some of us consider them as part of the family. They are very cute, fluffy, adorable, playful and most of all faithful and loyal.  Having a pet dog can also provide therapy to us and can also help us with our health since one has to take them for a walk, and some are now police dogs to help us for our safety and security.

Last April 9, 2017, A dog themed cafe in Davao City was opened. For dog lovers out there this place is for you. You can enjoy, dine and bring your friends and best friend dogs too. You can order your favorite foods and refreshments as well as food for your dogs. Pawsome Dog Cafe is a cafe owned by two dog lover friends Ms. Cherry and Miss Francine. Their love for dogs brought them to this idea and start this business and I am truly in love with the concept of this cafe. From the outside design which is inspired from a cute dog house is indeed a smart idea, the cool and relaxing ambiance  and even the lovely interiors. Everything you can see inside is super cute. They have cute photos of their dogs, the table place mats, the utensils, the to-go cups; the designs are all well thought. Their cafe area has great and very accommodating staffs to their customers and order to them your desired  food and drinks provided in the menu. They also have a dog house where you can play with their resident dogs. As of the moment they have 24 dogs but owners are planning to add more to make them 30. It sounds nice right?  I am glad to be part of the grand opening of this cafe because indeed Everything is Pawsome!

17862337_10203175007413402_1813789908484515229_n (1).jpg
Getting ready for the Pawsome Dog Cafe opening.
Ribbon Cutting with Miss Cherry and Miss Francine. Congratulations!


The resident dogs of Pawsome Dog Cafe
Miss Cherry and Miss Francince during the Q and A portion and sharing how they came up with the idea of Dog Cafe

With P190.00 or P220.00 you can already enjoy a drink and enjoy an hour and half playtime with the dogs after you sign the waiver they provided.

Nachos, Calamares, Carbonara, Quesadillas, Frappes etc ❤




This is the cutest table placemat I have ever seen featuring Lestat, their French Bulldog

If you are planning to visit Pawsome Cafe, It is located at Door 5 Autoville Bldg., F. Torres St. (near Yoh Froz Davcon Compound) Davao City.

Here are the GENERAL RULES OF PAWSOME DOG CAFE (Rules are posted on their Facebook Page)


You need to sign the WAIVER FORM before entering The DOG HOUSE or guest bringing dogs inside the CAFE as the cafe will not be liable for any loss or damage.


  • Please present your Dogs papers and vaccination cards before entering the premises. They must be legally licensed and vaccinated against all diseases.
  •  Cafe can only accommodate dogs. It is prohibited to bring ANY other animal.
  • A pet owner is entitled to bring only one dog inside.
  • Dog owners are responsible in cleaning up their own pet’s mess.
  • All dogs are required to wear dog diapers before entering the cafe.
  • Please watch over your pawsome buddies at all times. Do not leave them unattended.
  • Untrained dogs should be leashed to and kept close to the owner.
  • Do not let  your dog eat off from or lick our kitchen wares or utensils.
  • No need to  bring your own dog food. We serve affordable pawsome power meals for your dogs.
  • Always ask the pet owners’ consent before playing with their pets.
  • Guests introducing aggressive pets inside the cafe will be charged a minimum of P5,000 as cleaning fee plus damages, which includes but not limited to lost revenue.


  • Submit your entry pass before entering the dog house. A single entry purchase is non-transferable and only applicable on the date of purchase.
  • Children 12 yrs old and below must always be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Other visiting dogs are not allowed inside the dog house.
  • Abuse of any sort (ex. pulling ears and tails, etc) towards our Pawsome friends will not be tolerated. If the dog is injured from such violent behavior, the responsible person will be liable for the veterinary cost.
  • A maximum of 30 guest are allowed inside the Dog House.


very cute Arya the Pekingese 🙂



Thank you Pawsome Dog Cafe for inviting us (DAVAO DIGITAL INFLUENCERS) we really had fun. Everything is PAWSOME!

For more updates and inquires, you can visit their facebook page:


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