Team DDI and Wayph, Early Summer 2017

Summer is just around the corner and Davao Digital Influencers, of which I am a member started it ahead. We were invited for an island hopping tour courtesy of Sir Kaiser of for a trip around IGACOS  last March 4, 2017. It was a weekend adventure so I freed myself from work and took a day off. This isn’t my first Samal Island experience but this island never failed to amaze me with new surprises.

We left Sta. Ana wharf around 9.30 a.m riding a boat that can accommodate at least 40 people though we’re below 40 on board. While feeling the waves and cool wind , I randomly took video clips which I compiled and uploaded it on my youtube (video blog below). After an hour boat ride we reached our first stop.

IMG_0077-1.jpgOur boat stopped somewhere in the middle of the sea  or what they call the coral garden, where the water is clear and corals can be seen underwater. As my teammates started wearing their life vest to jump and swim, me on the other hand was contemplating if I will swim or not.  I have some hesitation to wet my hair with salt water since I just had my hair treatment few months ago. You know, to keep the hair goals! So I kept my feet on the boat, enjoyed watching the others and took videos of them.

The boat staff also offers snorkeling gears for rent if you want to see water creatures.


IMG_0061-1-2.jpgOf course I don’t want to miss the beautiful background of the sea so  I asked my teammate Pen-Pen to take a photo of me. Credits to him for this shot.


IMG_0089-1.jpgOur second stop was at Isla Reta Beach Resort 2. This is my first time to hear and see this resort and was amazed with the cave like opening and its clear waters. This time I gave up to resist. Told myself this is only by chance to visit this island so I’ll sacrifice my hair. The place is really inviting and relaxing. We docked here to have our lunch and while the boat staff were preparing our foods, I changed into my swimwear while others excitedly jump off the boat.



Credits to The Weekend Cat (youtube)


A gastronomic experience of our Samal Island Tour. They have very nice boat staff who prepared this delicious foods and also cleaned up our mess right away after eating. Good service huh?! Thumbs up!




We spent few hours at Isla Christina, had our lunch, enjoyed swimming and enjoyed some time to mingle with the others. We also had the chance to get to know more each other during this trip. It was fun indeed spending time with people whom you share the same interest.

On our way back to the city, we passed by the most popular Tourist beach resort Pearl Farm.12356772_10201221915867334_6007880001453241181_o-1.jpg


17203203_10203064426848957_4071862720408589827_n.jpgOur last Island destination is what they call the Wishing Island (photo above). I didn’t had the chance to see it because I felt tired already and ate again instead.


This adventure is just first of the many summer 2017 activities for us Davao Digital Influencers. I am excited for the upcoming activities and events. Thank you so much WayPh for a very organized Island hopping.






If you are planning to have a hassle free Samal Island adventure, check tour packages for your summer getaway in Davao City and other places in Ph.




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