May Sparkling Non- Alcoholic Juice

Wine is an alcoholic beverage which is always present in celebration, special occasion or any social events. But not everyone has a good liver and are alcohol drinkers so Fly Ace company created a juice in a different approach.

May Sparkling Juice is a non alcoholic juice which is also made from selected grapes. This refreshing drink is ideal for joyful events and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family regardless of age and dietary restrictions. This can also serve as an alternative to wine without alcohol content and I believe present to most Filipino family tables every Christmas and New years eve.

I am not a wine and hard alcohol drinker but I have tasted some of them. The taste of wine for me is not that interesting or let’s just say I don’t like the taste. Fly Ace Company courtesy of Ms. Lormy  gave me and my other DDI blogger team mates three of their May Sparkling Juice in Red Grape flavor for us to try it out. This isn’t my first time to try it and with all honesty, this is the drink that we always want to buy for New Year’s eve. My mother was more excited when she saw the bottles saying it’s her favorite juice.

So here’s my take to this May Sparkling Juice.



I showed the bottle to 5 of my Japanese friends and asked them what it is. All of them answered, It’s a wine!. Just looking at it, you will definitely think it is a wine. The bottle and the size is similar to the wines we can buy in the market. The upper body is covered with thick red foil and it is labeled PRODUCT OF BELGIUM.

You can see more details in the body label. Refer to the photos below.




It contains significant levels of carbon dioxide which makes it fizzy or sparkle.


You can see the expiration date on the cover and once you remove the foil, the bottle is covered with cork.

Now let’s talk about the taste after trying it.


Thumbs up! You can 100% taste the grapes and doesn’t have any contradicting alcohol taste that causes you sour face. It has this natural grape taste but a little bit sweet.

How much is it?

May Sparkling wine retails for P190.00 per 750mL

Where to buy?

Available in Supermarkets, Winery section

Would I recommend this?

Definitely yes! It will not cause you any harm to drink it nor give you any hang over for this is a non alcoholic drink. Surely no left overs!

Disclaimer: Everything stated here are all my honest opinions and based on my experience.

Maybe the reason why they say it behaves like wine is because the bottle (packaging), color itself looks like the usual wine. Other than that is, you have this high expectations of wine taste (for first timers) but once it gets in to your stomach, it doesn’t have the steamy alcohol feeling (di mainit sa tiyan) because it’s only juice.


May Sparkling Juice is really a good tasting juice and ideal for your planned dinner date or even special occasions. Oh! Valentines Day is approaching so this is a good one to have. Cheers!


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