MysterEscape – Davao

Escape rooms are getting popular these days where you and a friend, or group of friends will be locked in a room to solve some puzzles and look for mystery clues but needs to use the elements in the surroundings to escape. The Davao Digital Influencers (#teamddi) were invited to experience this one of a kind Escape room activity at MysterEscape here in Davao City.



There are three escape rooms to choose from….




Team DDI has ten representatives so we’re divided into five to enter each room. One group tried the Survival Game room and my group tried the Girl in the Mirror room. Everyone was excited and thrilled to enter and we were only given an hour to solve the mystery. The room we have chosen sounded creepy but I won’t be giving you any spoilers for you to find out but definitely fun and a good team bonding place plus the thrill is really there. By the way before entering the room, there will be sets of rules and mechanics so Good luck!

Quick photo before entering the room and we were only given flashlight…

(Photo by MysterEscape)

One spoiler…No cellphones and cameras allowed 🙂

Squad Goals (photo by MysterEscape)

Do your best guys so that you will be included in their HALL OF FAME!


So here’s their rate per personIMG_4634-1.jpg


IMG_4649-1.jpgMysterEscape is located at Mezzanine floor of Adelfa Building, Bajada (close to Diamond KTV and the Davao City Water District) Davao City, Philippines

For more inquries you can check their facebook page:


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