I haven’t met my childhood friends again for a long time. Our houses is just 3-5 min away from each other but due to our busy schedules we can’t see each other so often. One of my friend who is now living in Samal Island invited us over and since we’re game we decided to go to one of the newest resorts in the island which is the Sunrise View Beach Resort.

Sunrise View Beach Resort is just 5 minutes away from the Samal Ferry Wharf, Caliclic, Samal Island and upon our arrival many habal-habal and tricycle drivers were calling our attention to drive us anywhere we want. We tried to negotiate with them to send us there but they also tried to rip us off. Since my friend has her own single motorcycle, she just transported us one by one to reach there. There’s only 4 of us including my friend who drove us to the resort and another friend with her son.

When we reached the resort, the security guard asked us right away if we made some reservations ahead. We actually tried to contact them through their contact numbers posted on their facebook page but we did not received even one reply. He called their caretaker but the caretaker almost declined our entry because we’re not able to reserve and the resort is already full. I tried convincing him since there’s no reply from them and we will be there just for a day tour and if its okay to just rent chairs and a table instead to stay anywhere beside the area. Luckily he agreed! So be sure to make a reservation when you’re planning to go there.


14563429_10202463470865433_8710012767649387362_n - 1

Me and their Turqoise blue Swimming pool (3-5feet)





If you want to take a break swimming to their pool, how about a dip into the sea?14724566_10202435083795774_3278623141071355070_n-1


They have a nice landscape…

Since this is a new resort in Samal Island of course most of the amneties are new. However during our daytour experience, the water in the shower is not really working well. It was on and off and I guess the water source in the area is only from their huge water tanks  but we still enjoyed anyway. Nice view right?! Pang facebook and instagram!




Go to Sasa Wharf and ride Ferry Boat (P10.00) to go to Samal Island. Ferry Boat ride will take 6-7 min. Once you arrive at Samal Ferry Wharf you’ll be greeted by tricycle and habal-habal drivers who will try to convince you to hire them. Negotiate with them to transport you to Sunrise View Beach Resort. Tricycle is either P125 pesos or P175 good for 6 people but I’m not sure if I heard it right because my friend transported us to the resort anyway. Habal habal is P25 each.


If you wish to go to Sunrise View Beach Resort to enjoy your holiday there, here are the rates from their given pamphlet.


Villa 1 = 1 bedroom   P5,500

Villa 2 = 1 bedroom   P 5,500

Villa 4 = 2 bedroom  P 5, 500

Villa 5 = 2 bedroom  P 5, 500

Ameneties: maximum of 6 persons, Aircon, Receiving area, dining area, television, refrigerator, water dispenser, pantry, toilet&bath



RM3                              P2,000



Amneties: good for 2 persons, aircon, television, toilet&bath




RM4                            P3,500


Amneties: good for 4 persons, aircon, toilet&bath



Daytour: P250                       Overnight: P400

Daytour Entrance: P150     Overnight: P200

(prices are subject to change without prior notice


For more inquires call:

Tel No: 234-5258

Mobile: 0942-5522607 /09177375633






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