It was weekend when Jas and I decided to watch the latest movie Suicide Squad which everyone is talking about. Since I don’t have afternoon work and both of us are free and we want to spend more bonding time while he is still in Davao, we came up to the idea of watching it instead. We met at Gaisano Mall of Davao and on my way there, It was really hot and humid which made me so thirsty. I craved for my favorite Caramel Milk Tea at 360 degrees Handshaked Tea so we headed to the third floor where we can buy it. On our way there, there’s this capsule like chair that caught our attention.

14068095_10202166296116250_2970916138214106047_n.jpgIt was a Virtual Reality chair where you can experience the virtual world wearing  9D glasses. Jas was so interested to try it and encouraged me to try it too. At first I’m hesitant but finally he was able to convinced me.


14021605_10202166296836268_8921937738152189106_n.jpgAs stated, the original price of this 9D experience is P400.00 but now it is for only P100.00. There are choices of short clips which are mostly for 3-5 min. We chose the moonwalk video clip and seated in the chair as the staff assisted us.



14053953_10202166296636263_6502426288923134920_n.jpgYou will seat in this chair that has the 9D glasses and a seat belt. There’s also a holding bar where you need to hold when the video clip starts playing because the chair moves in different motion but in a slow phase.



What’s my take on it after watching?

Well, It was nice and great seeing the outer space but it’s not really as what I expected. I was expecting that it’s like walking or moving in the moon just like an astronaut as the chair moves or maybe we should have chosen other video clip which is more realistic? I can still feel that I was just wearing glasses and everything is unreal or am I just expecting too much? Maybe you should  choose the best video clip from the choices given and experience it yourself.


You can check this at the third floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao near 360 degrees handshaked milk tea counter.





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