Skycycle and Skyswing at Eden Nature Park (When in Davao)

It had been a busy and exhausting week at work. I’m really looking forward for a short break and want to relax. Our feet is looking for some new adventure and heard that there is a new and exciting activity just here in Davao City which will give you adrenaline rush and will challenge you to fight your fear of heights.

First week of June, Jas and I were up again for another adventure. We went to Eden Nature Park just here in the city to experience their Skycycle and their new attraction which is the Skyswing. This is a must visit and must try when you have your vacation here in Davao. You will not only enjoy the activities mentioned but it is also a great bonding place for family. The park has two areas to enjoy but before you can enter both, you have to pay first their admission fee. One is for the recreational area and the other side is the Nature Park.

We  went first to their recreational area to try their activities. Went there Friday as we thought not so many guest will be there but then upon our arrival, a lot of people are already waiting for their numbers to be called (better be there from morning). We headed straight to the cashier to buy tickets for the skycycling (P200.00 each) and got our numbers. And oh! you have to sign a waiver too before your ride.  While waiting, we tried their Indiana Jones which is for free.IMG_3762.JPG





After few minutes of waiting , It is our time to try the skycycle. I can say that I’m not really afraid of heights now as I have tried the zipline and paraglide and liked it so much. We did not brought camera with us to enjoy the view riding bicycle in the air about 60 feet high. IMG_3772.JPG


The bicycle slightly tilted as we started pedaling that makes you feel a little nervous but since there’s a safety harness hooked, It wasn’t really scary so just enjoy the moment of thrill 🙂

We then decided to try the skyswing  after our skycycle ride and went straight to their cashier again (we’re undecided to try at first) as people are spending few minutes on queues. After getting our ticket, we gave it to the attendant and had our numbers for our turn. We waited for awhile ( yes! it’s a waiting game)  and tried to calm ourselves as we see others swinging in the air. It is about 80 feet high and you can ride it in solo or tandem.

P200.00 – solo ride

P400.00 – tandem ride

When we’re all geared up and ready for our turn, I feel more excited as people are watching and cheering everywhere.



It was really high but I can’t clearly see the full view as I am half closing my eyes above. The attendant gave us a signal and used a whistle when they released the swing.

Video at the end of this blog 😀

It’s like having a lot of butterflies in my stomach as I was shouting at the top of my lungs. I was opening and closing my eyes and enjoyed the moment while swinging . The child in me was back once again but this time riding in an extreme type of swing. It only lasted for more than 3 min swing but the experience was fun. My legs are really shaking after the ride and was lost for a moment on what to do next as the attendant started removing our gears. We rested for awhile and then prepared again for our tour in the nature park.

We didn’t took advantage of the shuttle tour but instead decided to just walk around the park. It is a huge park so make sure to ask for a map because we’re lost at  some points.

They have a fishing Area….








Floral Garden…



Billy Buttons ❤



IMG_2972 rain.jpg


Though we’re not able to tour all the attractions in the park because we did not had enough time, we just made sure to try the rides and go to the nearest attractions as possible. Still it was fun.


If you wish to come to Eden Nature Park and do not wish to walk to see the attractions (attractions are a bit distant from the other) better be early since shuttle tours  are on first come first serve basis and their recreational activities are only up to 4pm and long queues of people are waiting for their turn.




How to go there?

Ride a jeepney going to Toril fare is P20.00 each

Another way is by riding Hop on hop off and  fare is P30.00 each (Terminal is at Phoenix Bankerohan)

Travel time is 1 hr and drop off at Mercury Drug Toril. Once there, many habal-habal and “payong-payong”drivers will try to convince you (we opted to ride the payong-payong). Fare is P60.00 each.


For more inquries and updated rates and fees, check their facebook page.


Here is our Travel vlog  with our skyswing experience during our trip to Eden Nature Park here in Davao City. Enjoy Watching!





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