Maxima Aquafun and Canopy Tours – Samal Island (When in Davao City)

If you are looking for a swimming fun adventure near Davao City, Maxima Aquafun is the ideal place. Located at Peñaplata Samal Island where it offer beach activities especially their thrilling Giant Tarpauline slide.

It was our first time here and very excited to try the Giant slide. The slide is about 40 meters that gives you a good plunge in the water (position yourself properly). The resort also offers scuba diving session because the area is suitable for diving (It doesn’t have a shore line and it has a cliff landscape).



They also offer snorkeling, banana boat and other aquatic activities. One of the extreme and challenging part in this resort is their water blob.

You need to jump from a relatively 5 meters diving board and have to drop from this big water blob. You have to estimate your jump and should fall exactly at the blob or else you will just slide beside the blob and fall to the waters.


If you can successfully have a good jump, you have to go  and sit at the end of the blob and wait for the other person to jump but he should give a hard fall so that the person at the end will be thrown in the air and plunge into the waters, Exciting right? It may take few minutes to jump to the blob because you need to concentrate well and it is a bit scary for first timers. As for me, I did not had enough courage that time to jump because my legs are really trembling at the end of the diving board.  Jas was able to jump but did not successfully fall right in the water blob. He just fell on the side and wasn’t able to balance himself. Since both of us aren’t successful, we just enjoyed watching the others doing it instead. If you want a good fly in the air and plunge in the water, a standby life guard  will be the one to give a hard fall for you in the water blob. For sure you will be shouting at the top of your lungs.





After the water blob experience, we decided to try the Giant slide. It wasn’t easy too because the speed of slide is really fast and it will really give you a hard plunge into the sea. But it did not hindered us to try it. I was really nervous and scared. The water at the end of the slide was really deep so I made sure that my life vest was locked properly and tightly (you know I can’t swim haha!). The Giant Slide attendant will double check anyway. Then off I go.


Maybe after 6-8 seconds, I found myself into the open sea. It was a hard fall and some water really got into my nose. You have to swim at your best to clear the area since others are waiting for their turn.


Jas also enjoyed his slide experience but tried to lessen the speed by touching his elbows at the sides of the slide. Don’t try to do that because it will give you bruises after. His elbows was red and had bruises on it after. Just let yourself slide and hold your life jacket tightly and cover your nose with your other hand.


Another fun activity is their canopy walk. This is already included in the fee. We also tried this and was a little bit challenged but nah! You can do it!1897982_3980042956860_996716372_n.jpg


Lastly is the Canopy Drop. The staff will drop you suddenly and you can’t skip that one to to go down. It was thrilling and will really make your heart beat fast.





It was indeed a fun filled day during our Maxima trip. It was actually Feb 14 Valentines day and we decided to celebrate it there. It will drain your energy doing all the activities but you will surely gain new experiences.

For the Entrance Fee.

Adult- P200.00

Child – P150.00

Inclusion of the fee is free use of Tables and chairs, free use of life vest, unlimited use of water slides, diving board, water blob, canopy walk.

How to get There?

Easiest way to get there is by riding a bus going to Samal Island, PeñaPlata. You can ride the bus at Magsaysay Park in Davao City or you can also wait at the Sasa Ferry Terminal for the bus. The Bus driver will drop passengers going to Maxima at Central Warehouse Club and once there, many habal- habal drivers will try to negotiate you to drive you at Maxima. Fare is around P50.00- 60.00 each.

Another way to get there is hire a habal-habal driver at the Samal Ferry Terminal to drive you to Maxima. I’m not really sure how much it could cost you for the fare but yes you can ride from there.


For more inquiries and updated rates you can visit their facebook page.



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