CAMP SABROS (Kapatagan, Digos City)


Who would never want to travel on their anniversary? Last August, Jas and I went for another adventure to celebrate our 9th year anniversary. We already heard about the place before but we were more convinced to go there to try the Zipline. Their zipline was once featured in Sports Unlimited, and aside from that it is in the foot of MT. APO. We did not had so much information how to get there but we just crossed our fingers to reach the place safely and experience it. I tried researching blogs but information is not so complete. But it did not hinder us to continue our adventure and really went there to explore.

We went to Camp Sabros which  is located at Kapatagan, Digos City. After our bus ride from Davao to Digos, we asked some locals how to get to the camp. The tricycle driver drove us to their old market where we can ride the van going there. The van is the only one vehicle that can carry mass passengers to Kapatagan. There’s a waiting time process for the van to be full of passengers. We tried to ride the van first but it took us so much time waiting for other passengers and it was already 10.30 am. So we resorted to our next option which is riding habal-habal. No worries there are many habal-habal going there at Kapatagan. Travel time is 1 hour.

We arrived there at 11.30am. You need to hike or ride on a horse or if you have a 4×4 vehicle it is easier to reach the Camp’s entrance. We decided to hike because we thought it’ll be an easy one.


As we started our hike, the cool wind started to embrace us and the nice view of the mountains welcomed us.



After 20-30 min of exhausting hike we reached Camp Sabros entrance. The place was surrounded with Pine trees. It was cool and has a  very relaxing environment.

Taking a photo with one of the Horses in Camp Sabros


We did not pay any entrance fee and we looked forward to try their zipline which is the main attraction of this place. Before we had this exciting ride, we roamed around, took photos and had our lunch. We brought some foods with us but if you don’t have any, you can order food in their counter.





One of the rooms at Camp Sabros
Cable lift behind me


As we are ready to have our very first zipline experience, the feeling of adrenaline rush is there. Feeling nervous and excited, Jas was caught on cam praying hahaha!





Make sure to bring your selfie sticks with you. Wooohhhh!!!! Tandem ride is 380 meters long.


Going back to the other side is the solo ride which is 400 meters. It was exciting! weee 🙂


They actually offer packages of their zipline rides. We chose the the P320.00 per pax. It includes Tandem zipline ride of 380 meters and cable lift, solo zipline ride of 380 meters and 400 meters.

We made friends with these group riding the cable lift 🙂
We’re not fortunate enough to see the view of Mt. Apo but fortunate to come  and experience this place.
Foot of Mt. Apo ❤

After our zipline ride, we enjoyed our remaining time there. The thrilling experience, beautiful mountain and cool breeze is a perfect getaway from the city and romantic place to celebrate special dates. How I wish this place is accessible because I will surely comeback oftentimes.


The other group invited us to join them going back to Digos City since they made a deal with the van driver to fetch them. So we just took the chance instead of riding habal-habal. We left Camp Sabros at 3.30pm and hiked again going back to the main highway of Kapatagan.


How to get there by commute?

Go to Ecoland Terminal ride a bus from Davao To Digos City – Fare is around P170.00, 1 and 30 min travel time.

From Digos City ride a tricycle to go to the old market. You can ride van going there at Kapatagan. Van will only leave once already full of passengers (long waiting time). Fare is P80.00. Another option and faster way to get there at Kapatagan is by Habal-habal. Habal- habal is for 3 persons. Fare is P100.00 each, 1 hour travel time. If you can hire a 4×4 van well that would be the best.

From Kapatagan (base of Camp Sabros)


The trail can only be accessed by 4×4 vehicle, horse, or by 20-25 min hike.

Here’s our raw videos




For more inquries you can check their facebook page.




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