We always look forward for payday. I actually try to my minimize expenses recently but the discounts everywhere are so tempting. In the Philippines, we usually receive our salary twice a month. Every 15th and 30th of the month. I don’t really have dues every 15th so on that payday, I try to indulge myself to something I want. It’s the day I often take day off from work and go shopping. But last April 15th’s payday,everyone is fussing about the Nivea 50% discount. I am a nivea user especially on their pore facial foam so I went shopping and really looked for their stall.

Here are the cosmetics I got last payday 🙂




This foam is very effective for me. It really minimizes my pores and brightens my skin. I’ve been using this for more than a year now. It has new mud foam formula. This cost P155.00 per 100g but since it’s 50% discount, it became P77.50. This is good for dull and acne prone skin with large pores and those who uses makeup regularly.



Another Nivea product I got was this White & Repair lotion. I have been using this also and it’s really great in the skin. From P59.00 pesos less 50% so  it became P29.50 per 50ml. Great! It contains Camu Camu & Acerola Cherry plus 40x vitamin c. It is also good for all skin type.

whitening papaya


Another one is the Nivea White Firming body lotion. They do have the same packaging as the one above but they have different formulation. It contains Q10 & Camu Camu and 50x vitamin c. It is also good for all skin types. Original price is P65.00 less 50% discount price is P32.50 per 50ml



I am also curious of this Nivea Extra white Firming Body Serum because it has good feedback so I want to try it.. It has SPF 33, UVA1,UVA2,UVB. It also contains 95% purity vitamin c and Q10 good for all skin types. From P155.00 less 50% is P57.50 per 75ml. Great deal right? So I bought 2 of those.serum


Lastly for the Nivea is this Soft Moisturizing cream. It contains jojoba oil and Vitamin E. From P162.00 it became P81.00 per 100ml.SOFT CREAM


Other than the Nivea products which people get cray cray, I also bought my monthly cosmetic supplies. I buy them also every payday depending on supply availability.


I use this Argan Oil conditioner which is really good for my hair since is very dry due to previous hair rebonding and hair coloring. It cost P199.00 for 490ml. Good for one month use or more (depending on your usage).



I use this eyeshadow  from Features and Shades as a highlighter. It is actually the second time I bought this because I accidentally dropped the first one and was totally broken. It is very pigmented and really highlights the area for highlighting. It costs P225.00 and sold at Watsons store. ( Gaisano Mall of Davao). This is in the shade Glamour Peach.



I also bought this San San concealer for a try. This is first time to try this and it seems a good one. This is in the shade of Beige for P118.00. I guess I will try to buy more of the san san products because it is cheaper than the other brands and really has good quality ( I have also tried the san san foundation and it was great!)



I use this mask from Etude House once or twice a week. I’ve been using this for almost two years now and this mask really does magic to your skin. Well, there are many mask to choose from but the Pearl mask has a brightening formula that really brightens your face and also gives you a pearly finish especially in your cheek area that makes you glowing (based on my observation and result experience). This cost P58.00 per 1 sheet of mask and I bought three of those.



Lastly is the Gluta- C Toner. This is my favorite toner so far. I have used the celeteque brand toner which is also good but this one gives me the noticeable result. It makes my face whiter and fairer and it really has a good smell. It has whitening and anti-aging formula plus glutathione and Vitamin C.


If you notice, most of the formula of the products I use contains Vitamin C because it really makes your skin brighter and whiter. If you will be exposed outside, your skin is really noticeable. These are actually some of the skin care products I used even before and until now. I don’t switch from one product to another because it really causes skin problem. Each product has different formulation so just try to stick to what product you think good for your skin.

So that’s all for my payday haul and I will be sharing more to you next time. See you! 😀



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