Monfort Bat Sanctuary and Hagimit Falls (When in Davao)

Last January, Jas came up to an idea of  travelling  the nearby Samal Island.  We searched places that offers a budget friendly adventure and we didn’t want to go for long hours of trip. IGACOS (Island Garden City of Samal) or simply known as Samal Island has many tourist spots and resorts to offer.  So after researching we decided to go to MONFORT BAT SANCTUARY.

MONFORT BAT SANCTUARY is a Guinness World of Book Records holder for it is the home of large colony of  Rousette fruit bats. It is the largest single colony of this kind.  IT interest us to go there because aside from being the record holder, we really want to see their quantity.


The batcave is about 15-20 min habal- habal ride from the Samal Ferry Terminal. After our smooth ride, we finally reached the batcave. We’re warmly welcomed by their staff but before we can proceed, we need to pay P100.oo that serves as an entrance fee. Then, we were headed inside. So it wasn’t only Guiness who came to this cave but also the National Geographic and other research teams, AMAZING!


A tour guide will be explaining to you a short history about the cave that will fascinate you more about these bats.





According to their guide, they are now about 2 million and still multiplying. They are considered as the main pollinators in the area and around Davao especially for the durian fruit.



It gave me goosebumps seeing all of them… :O

It wasn’t easy dealing with their smell because they already overcrowd the caves. They also mentioned that they once tried to make artificial cave so that bats will transfer to help relieve the tension of being so overly populated but they did not succeeded. The bats of course knew that it’s not their natural habitat.

Taking a photo while holding my breath. The smell is not really tolerable for me (attempted to puke many times)

It was a good visit there since we learned many things and to think this place is Guinness World Book of record holder, well we’re so happy to visit here.

We also made a reservation to check-in in one of the resorts in Samal Island to stay for a night (check in time is 3:00pm) and since we still had enough time, we decided to go to Hagimit falls.

Hagimit falls  is one of the sought after waterfalls when in Samal Island.  After negotiating the fare to our driver, he drove us straight there. Make sure to wear your cap or put sunscreen lotion because it is about 30-45 min habal habal ride if you’re from batcave.

After our ride, We reached the entrance of Hagimit hearing the sound of the waters.  I felt excited. We paid P40.00 each for the entrance fee and walked going down to reach the falls (it was a bit exhausting).

The falls are small but looks attractive. The water is so cool and inviting. There were cottages for rent but we only looked for a small table because we intended to stay there only for a short time just to kill the time before we can check in to the resort we booked. It was weekday so it’s quite peaceful and not packed with people. We resisted the temptation of  swimming, just had our lunch there and enjoyed the view instead. (No foods available there so you can bring your foods)




Our Samal adventure isn’t finish yet that day so after staying at Hagimit Falls for some nature tripping, we decided to go to the hotel resort finally ( the one I mentioned earlier) which is also one of the go to places when in Samal. I will be posting it in my next adventure blog.


From Davao To Samal

Go to Sasa Ferry Terminal (20-25 min from Davao Intl Airport). Pay P10.00 for the Fare. They have an upper deck area for the non vehicle passengers. It is 10 min Ferry ride only to reach Samal Ferry Terminal.

From Samal Ferry Terminal to Batcave

From Samal Ferry Terminal, ride a habal habal to get there at Batcave. Fare is P50.00 each. Your driver will be waiting outside but you will pay again for the fare to whichever destination you opt to go.

Batcave Entrance is P100.00 each.

From Batcave to Hagimit

Batcave is a little far from Hagimit so we paid P100.00 pesos each to our driver to get there.

Hagimit falls entrance is P40.00 plus P5.00 environmental fee.









4 thoughts on “Monfort Bat Sanctuary and Hagimit Falls (When in Davao)

  1. I live in Ormoc, a four hour travel to South, then another 2 hours (let’s just say) then to Surigao then Davao (omg!) Hahaha it sounds too easy but it’s still actually too far, hmm. I’ve really been dreaming of visiting Davao, but I have yet to convince my parents to fund me. I will visit that Bat Sanctuary soon 🙂 I can’t imagine myself if ever I’d enter there Hahaha What about the noise? Sobrang ingay ba? 😮


    1. Hi Lou! It’s good to know you want to visit here 🙂 Well there’s actually a fence surrounding the cave so parang dudungaw ka lang po d pde pumasok hehe.But you will be amazed once you see them. Super dami nla. WOuld like to hear from you soon to your future visit here 🙂


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