Review Time! Favorite Sunnies (Sunnies Studios -sunnies by charlie)

One of the thing that I never forget when I go travelling is my sunnies. Not only for travelling but even on a casual day. Having a great pair of sunnies makes you feel good,fashionable and comfortable when you use them.

This is just a short review about my favorite sunnies. I love the sunnies from  the brand Sunnies Studios which is owned by Georgina Wilson and her cousins. They have many stores nationwide and now expanding in other countries. The designs are very stylish and now they also have prescription eye wears which are really “in” these days.

I am into buying this brand because aside from being stylish, the quality is really good just like those expensive ones. Actually I started collecting them ( the designs are kinda addictive 😀 ) What makes it more nicer is each sunnies has their names. Cool huh? 🙂



All of them are my favorite but here’s two of my most favorite from my collection

This one looks like the classic Ray Ban sunnies (y) I forgot the name haha…13000221_10201682842350208_1023632757652383677_n


This is from their FLAT LENS collection #MARCUS13015469_10201682849750393_6296458143074643993_n


Angle angle lang yan 😀


12043227_10201043368483761_7695127635814117720_nThis is from their Sunnies Specs named #SASHA. I had mine changed into graded lenses since it is replaceable and the design is cool and cute. As of now I have 5 pairs and still counting 🙂

Prices of their Sunglasses starts from P299.00 and up.They also have for men.



Any thoughts? Let me know leave your comments below 🙂




6 thoughts on “Review Time! Favorite Sunnies (Sunnies Studios -sunnies by charlie)

  1. hello, your specs are the old specs right? theyre not the prescription ones right??? Meron kasi akong Quinn, hindi ko alam kung safe at convenient kaya kung ireplace yung lens nito. Komportable po ba kayo sa specs niyo? hindi po ba masakit sa ulo? hindi po ba madaling masira/ matibay po ba? thanks po please reply hehe 🙂


    1. Hello there! Yes po 🙂 Di pa ito part ng separate line nila ngayon na Sunnies Specs but the lenses are replaceable and also messaged sunnies before sa ig to ask about it yes it is they replied. Went to the optical shop and they asked me to sign a waiver if ever masira ang frame kasi daw hindi galing sa optical shop itself and because of some factory defects daw minsan (you know part of their selling strategy hehe). It’s very comfortable and trendy and until now I still used it (1 yr na xa) So far so good. I use it everyday 🙂


  2. hello where did you get your lenses replaced po? which optical shop po? and how? sana po makafeedback kayo kasi may plan din akong bumili ng frame sa sunnies ang magpareplace lang nung lense (graded) sa optical shop. 😊


    1. Hi there! I got mine replaced sa THE OPTICAL SHOP (Ayala Mall Davao). You can try to go to any other optical shops too like Ideal Vision. I asked mine to replace the lenses but they asked me to sign a waiver because the frame is not from their optical shop in case na masira daw because of factory defects.



  3. Hi, can I ask how much ung SASHA? I’m planning kasi na magpabili jan sa pinas but I dont have any idea if how much exactly because nung vinisit ko yung site nila its actually too expensive kaya nagulat ako nung binanggit mo na from 299 and above. I like the design of sasha, sana available pa. 🙂


    1. Hello there! They already have a new line of sunnies specs now. They separated their sunnies from their spectacles na. Mine was from the previous one where you can just buy the specs with replaceable lenses and you can have the lenses changed in any optical shops.It was P399 for the frame only. So if you’d like to get their spectacles in their sunnies specs shop now, it’s around 1,999 which icludes eye exam the frame and lenses if I’m not mistaken 🙂


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