Isla Reta Beach Resort -Talikud Island (When in Dava0)

People always look forward for weekend. It is the time to relax, enjoy and unwind. Most of us want to go the beach for a weekend getaway. I love going to the beach though I don’t know how to swim. I just love seeing the blue waters, and cool wind of the sea. Nothing to worry but just let the day finish without anything  to think about busy working life.

Fronting Davao City is another island the IGACOS (Island Garden City of Samal) and part of this island is another island called Talikud. There are many beach resorts to choose from to enjoy and relax and take a quick dip into the sea . Most Davaoeños, locals and even foreign tourist go there because of its prestine blue sea in this island. Popular beach resort in Talikud Island is Isla Reta Beach Resort.

Isla Reta Resort is just one hour away from Davao City by Ferry boat famous for its white sand beach and it is not so pricey that’s why people kept coming back there. They have their own Ferry boat that will transport you to the resort but if you’re not able to catch up this boat, don’t worry there are other boats going to Talikud Island.  Their boat operation is from 9am until 4pm going to the island so better to be early.

Boat fare is P80.00 per person.


If you are able to ride the Isla Reta Boat, well…they have their own docking area. But if not, the Talikud wharf is 3-5 min away from the resort so it’s just a little bit of walk.

Entrance Fee:


Daytour: 100.00

Ovenight: 200.00


Daytour: 50:00

Overnight: 100.00

Child 3 years below:



Arriving there at the resort made me feel excited to swim. The place is really nice and the water is so blue which is so inviting. Boracay? no. It’s only in Talikud Island 🙂


It wasn’t my first time here but it’s always like my first time.





The crystal clear waters and clean environment makes your holiday perfect away from the hectic working schedule.


Very nice structured tree with table just near the beach


It was actually national holiday when we visited there, so there were lots of people and since they don’t have available rooms some guests just put up their tents. No worries if you don’t have tent because they also have tents available for rent. We have our own tent  and just brought it with us because we’re not able to make reservation (they will charge 100.00 if you bring your own tent). During that day, many guests arrived and some area of the resort became a great campsite view.12998581_10201672950422916_3892010140660606759_n


Hut cottages for rent
Concrete Cottages
Native Room Cottages
Common Comfort Room

They also have volleyball grounds




Though I’ve been here many times, I always look forward coming back in this really relaxing place. No need to travel long hours just to enjoy white sand and picturesque view of beach. Many companies also hold their meetings and team buildings in this resort because aside from the beautiful beach where they can enjoy, have a good bonding after, it is also affordable. So when in Davao and you’re planning to have a beachcation, this is one of the best resorts to stay in.

You can bring your foods with you if you want ( drinks and lechon have corkages). There are also many small stores, and fresh fish vendors, and small market outside the resort (near Talicud wharf)  but if you want to be hassle free, they have a canteen where you can order variety of dishes for a sumptuous meal.

How to get there from Davao City?

Go to Sta. Ana Wharf (beside Magsaysay Park). You can just walk to get inside the wharf but no walking shed (no fee but super init! :P) but if you have your own vehicle or ride on a taxi, you need to pay P10.00 that serves as an entrance fee inside the wharf.

For more inquiries and updated rates, refer to their official facebook page.


4 thoughts on “Isla Reta Beach Resort -Talikud Island (When in Dava0)

  1. I must say that the best portion of your blog post is “you love going to the beach but you don’t know how to swim”. I can relate to that, but in my case, I enjoy going to the beach, but I don’t want to swim, it’s not that I can’t swim, I just don’t like it. Sounds weird right? Hehehe

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Indeed sir! 🙂 It is also condsidered dugong sactuary for they can witness appearances of dugongs at night or early morning just like what my parents experienced which they considered a memorable one. One of the best beaches in Talikud Island 😀 Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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