Scuba Diving at Samal Island and Talikud Island (When in Davao)

I always want to try scuba diving. This is an activity that gives you the chance to see the life underwater. I have been so curious about how the professional divers breathe using the breathing gear they wear underwater. I really don’t know how to swim but my brother told me that it’s not necessary to be a good swimmer because you will have a guide with you. He recommended us to join at Carabao Dive Center here in Davao City if we would like to try. So as a birthday treat, we decided to try this finally.

Jas and I went to Carabao Dive center to inquire about their diving session. They hold weekend dive tours welcome for intro and certified divers. Here are the rates for their diving tours:

Certified Diver (with own gear) – 2 dives ₱750
Certified Diver (renting BCD, regulator set, weights) – 2 dives ₱1,500
Intro Diver – 1 dive ₱850

The rate is inclusive of all equipment, underwater photography (soft copy, cd) and the fee for the guide. Since we are beginners, we joined the intro dive tour. According to them for intro divers we will just add P350.00 if we want a second dive.

We had ourselves listed for intro divers and joined the tour. I was so excited because it’s my first time. We rode their big boat that transported us to the diving sites (Talikud Island). We met new people especially foreigners who are here in the city for a vacation. This kind of activity is one way to meet new people with the same interest and meet new divers on the boat. 10665265_4656295622754_1367756225207650235_nThey grouped the divers and divided us by batch. We opt to join the second batch so that we can observe first so while waiting for our turn we enjoyed swimming…


Our view is <3_<3

When it was our turn to dive, I felt nervous. The dive master will give instructions beforehand so you have to listen carefully. There are gestures you need to remember underwater (okay, up and etc). My guide let me practice first how to breathe using the oxygen tank. It wasn’t easy. You have to breathe using only your mouth. Later on he asked me if I am ready so I gave him a nod as a sign I’m ready. We started diving,  going deeper into the sea. It was a bit painful in the jaw for you have to keep the air regulator in your mouth. The water started filling in my goggles and painful in the ears too but there is a technique on how to deal with it so you really have to listen carefully during the orientation

After few minutes, I started getting used to it and already knew how to breathe underwater. You have to keep yourself calm and have presence of mind. Don’t panic! As we reached the sea floor, I was amazed. The small fishes, colorful starfishes, corals and other marine animals was so beautiful. I just can’t explain 🙂 My guide let me enjoy touching some of them and took photos with them.



Our underwater Photo 🙂
Our Japanese friends whom we met on the boat 🙂

One dive is enough for us so after our underwater tour, we just enjoyed ourselves snorkling 🙂


It was indeed an exciting and truly amazing experience. I’m not good at swimming but I love the sea. I am a trying hard swimmer who always seek the help of life jacket hehe 🙂 It was another bucket list checked!


On our way back to Davao City, a group of dolphins swam along our boat. whoah! It was a wonderful sight! Seeing them was a bonus for our tour.



If you wish to try diving when in Davao you can try at Carabao Dive Center.

Address: Door #1, F.Hermanos Bldg., Sta. Ana Wharf, Monteverde St., 8000 Davao City, Philippines ( near Magsaysay Park)


You can check their facebook page:



7 thoughts on “Scuba Diving at Samal Island and Talikud Island (When in Davao)

      1. gudmorning sir,fix na yang 1500?kasali na ung guide?pwde ba mag diving either ds july 8 or 9?anu oras dapat nandun na sa area??salamat poh,planning po kc kami na mag diving sa samal..


      2. Hello there Marc!
        You can visit their facebook page and send them a DM for updated rates or visit their
        office at Sta. Ana wharf located at the left side before you enter the gate.
        With our experience we were at the meeting place by 8am.


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