Review Time! Bench Nail Polish Paint Box – Extreme Coverage

Women love to change their nail colors often. For me, there are times that I love to wear nail polish but there are also times that I’m not in the mood to wear them. I don’t go to nail salons often because it is a little bit expensive so I prefer to clean and apply nail polish by myself.

Recently as I visited Bench shop looking for some stuff, I found out that they have these cute nail polishes. They have the Bench paint box- Extreme Coverage and Bench Paint box Vegan Formula. One that caught me is the blue Extreme Coverage (blue is my favorite color).IMG_3710.JPGThe bottle is quiet thick which I suppose doesn’t easily break once accidentally dropped .


It has some glitters that makes it nicer and cuter in the nails once applied.



I applied it twice to get the full nail coverage. It easily dries up anyway and it is not sticky unlike other nail polishes.


This nail polish  has gel nail finish so it last longer unlike other brands. It cost P60.00 for 10ml bottle. Not that cheap but the quality is good. This is my favorite brand as of the moment. I’m going to try out other colors next time but my color preference usually depends on my mood 🙂


You can buy it at any Herbench/Bench shop in their cosmetics section. I also have the Bench Paint Box- Vegan formula which I will  review in my next post.


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