Sunrise Garden Lake Resort -Lake Sebu

Another treasure of Lake Sebu is Lake Seloton. Sunrise Garden Lake Resort is fronting Lake Seloton and we’ve learned this is the deepest among the lakes in Lake Sebu where many tilapia’s are also grown in large fish cages floating in the lake. After our thrilling experience at the Seven waterfalls, visit in their Tboli museum and Princess House, we decided to head to Sunrise Garden Lake Resort which we chose as the best place to stay in for a night. We did some researching for a good place to stay in at Lake Sebu but this place is really what we’re looking for.

Aside from the mountain view, swimming pool and Lake Seloton, The place is really quiet which brings you total peace and letting you experience of life away from the busy city.11986536_1028615190495190_5400421668917155536_n


Arriving there, staffs were accommodating and friendly.  Then we were guided to our room .11993294_10200990066631248_8400960640865468339_n

We reserved a matrimonial room which cost P750.00 for a night which is very spacious and clean. Rested for awhile then had a walk around the place.

They have hut cottages near the Lake.

The resort is named as such because of the alluring view of sunrise you’ll witness in the morning.

After  walking around, feeling hungry already we then decided to have our early dinner. They have menu which offers different varieties of foods especially cooked from fresh tilapia. We tried their sweet and sour tilapia which is a thumbs up!


It was a long day that day but filled with fun and excitement and the resort we have chosen was really relaxing.

Slept early to witness the sunrise but unfortunately we failed haha! The next day was a fine and sunny day and since we’re not able to catch up the sunrise we tried their hook fishing instead which is an interesting activity. This is



You have to row yourselves to the lake to reach the fishing hut! whew! 😀





Gotcha! what a big one! 😀

This is one of the exciting part of our trip. We haven’t tried fishing yet so it was really a good experience. We caught about 5 tilapias( 1 kilo) and chose to have it cooked in sweet and sour again (lami man gud )and their specialty which is chicaharong tilapia.  After fishing we took a dip into the pool before leaving the resort.



It was worth the stay here. How I wish we can extend our vacation longer. I recommend this resort as a place to stay in when you go to Lake Sebu. Clean and quiet.



How to get there?

Tell your Habal-habal driver to drive you to Sunrise Garden Lake Resort  which is 1.5km away from the van terminal. Negotiate the fare price to your driver. We hired a habal-habal driver half day to tour around Lake Sebu (7 waterfalls, Tboli museum,Princess House, Sunrise Garden Lake Resort) which is 300 pesos.

check our video here


For more inquires and updated rates you can send them message through their facebook page


Contact Number:







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