Tboli Museum and Princess House of Lake Sebu

Another place to visit in Lake Sebu is their Tboli Museum. It shows the preserved culture of Tboli and the life they live.

After our zipline ride at the famous 7 waterfalls, our habal habal driver drove us here.


Here, many of the treasures of Tboli tribe was well kept and maintained. Many of them are gong’s that exhibits their interest in music. We learned many historical background of Tboli’s and it’s for you to find out  more when you visit here.

Trying their Gong instrument



Their old cooking pots
We’re warmly welcomed by one of the Tboli’s who is taking care of the museum

After our tour in the Tboli museum, the Malong weaving center is just 2 min away from there. They call the place Princess House


We we’re able to talk to some of the Tboli malong weavers and see it ourselves how they made it. It’s about three days to finish one malong and it costs around P1,000 pesos.

11168585_10200985474756454_4883596565231509710_o (1).jpg


One welcoming Tboli kid I was able to chat with and took a pose for a photo.

A friendly Tboli kid ❤

We’re not able to go to the exact place where we can see the Tboli  dreamweavers where they make Tnalak as it was already late afternoon and driver told us it’s not so near from where we are so we decided to head to the resort where we stayed for a night in Lake Sebu.


I will be posting on the next blog which resort we stayed in and why we chose this place.


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