Lake Sebu Seven Waterfalls Zipline

Lake Sebu is a popular place in the municipality of South Cotabato especially when we talk about the Dream weavers, Seven Waterfalls and the lakes itself.

Tboli’s are the main indigenous dwellers who are known for their weaving skills (according to my research, Tboli women making T’nalak believe that the patterns are bestowed on them through either their own dreams, those from their ancestors or ones granted specially through “Fu Dalu,” the spirit of the abaca) other indigenous are Tinurays , Ubos and Manobos. There are also Ilonggos and Ilocanos.

Last September we had a trip there as a treat for my birthday. I was really looking forward to try the zipline in their Seven Waterfalls and experience the thrill and scenic view while riding. Arriving there in Lake Sebu wasn’t that difficult though we’re not familiar of the place. It was a great one since people are friendly and helpful. We hired a habal habal to drive us to the famous falls.


You have to pay P20.oo pesos as an entrance fee upon arrival. Before we experienced the zipline we walked around the area and took some photos.

Falls 1. So beautiful!
Falls 2


After walking around, now it’s time to try the zipline. According to the staff who geared us up, the one who made the Camp Sabros zipline was just the same with the Lake Sebu’s zipline. You can only see the rest of falls when you ride it.

Trying not to be nervous 🙂 alright! 😀



With my backpack 😀 It was scary when they release the lock (butterflies in the stomach) but once you’ll fly, you’ll definitely enjoy! wohooohhh!!! ❤ (y)



This was our second zipline experience and this one is really exciting. The 7  waterfalls zipline is 740 and 460 metersFlying and seeing the captivating view of waterfalls (nakakalula :O )  and the tall trees under as we’re feeling the wind into our skin was another bucket list checked.  It was more beautiful, we saw the falls 2 with a rainbow.

Falls 3 and 4 ❤
Falls 2 in our background 🙂


You will be riding the zipline twice (back and forth) so make sure to bring your selfie sticks with you to capture the view (so it’s for you to find out and see the rest of the waterfalls) (y)

12009642_10200992478411541_2919929622618187687_n.jpgIt was indeed a thrilling experience riding the famous zipline of Lake Sebu and I want more! Maybe to our next come back?!

After our ride since we still have enough time, we decided to roam around Lake Sebu to learn more about the place and visit their popular tourist sites. Our habal-habal driver drove us to their Tboli museum and that will be in my next blog. 🙂


How to go in Lake Sebu

From Davao City 

Go to Ecoland Terminal and ride a bus

Davao to Gensan – 3 hours (240.00)

Gensan to Marbel – 1 hour ( 75.00)

Marbel to Lake Sebu (van transfer- Denmark terminal)- 45 minutes (around 60.00 to  70.00)


From Gensan 

Gensan to Marbel – 1 hour ( 75.00)

Marbel to Lake Sebu (van transfer- Denmark terminal)- 45 minutes (around 60.00 to  70.00)

From Lake Sebu

Ride a habal-habal to whichever destination you would like to go first. We hired habal-habal half day to go to 7 falls and to roam around other tourist place.


Seven Falls Zipline
Rates: Weekdays P250, Weekends and Holidays P300





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