Review Time! Natural Looking False Eyelashes

Finding the best lashes is not that easy. There are may options but sometimes it also depends on the occasion you’ll be attending. For me, in whatever occasion I go to, I only use one false lashes type. These are the Taiwanese False Eyelashes.

dorz 3.jpg

It is thin and light and very subtle. It gives you the long eyelashes that you’ve been wanting and not heavy to wear.

dorz (2).JPG


It has 10 pairs in a box and the price is really reasonable. This is for only P80.oo ( 10 pairs in a box?!what?! Super!) Comparing to other lashes that I’ve tried where it’s just one pair in a box but way more expensive than this, Your eyes will be looking sexy and attractive.

dorz 6.jpg





This is how it looks like when worn 🙂


Long and Natural right?

Thumbs up for this falsies. Very affordable and good quality as well. I always buy extra because I don’t wanna run out of them 🙂 For my own point of view, better to have this rather than having those eyelash extensions. Bought this at Tomliz (China Town, Uyanguren beside DCLA) or if you’re not Davao based, anywhere in China Town cosmetics section or maybe you can also try to find it on some online cosmetics sellers.


What’s your thoughts about this falsies?




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