Gandiva Archery

Archery is one of the coolest sport and recreational activity I want to try. I haven’t tried this sport and is very interested to this. Just recently an indoor archery range rose in Davao City. It is located at the 4th floor Adventure Zone Gaisano Mall of Davao near The Peak, beside the wall climbing ground of Edge outdoor specialist.

As what I’ve researched,  A family of archery enthusiast, with its adoration of the famous Mahabharata and the story told about Arjuna and celestial bow Gandiva. They put up the first ever archery store lasted 2008, located in SM Mall of Asia (check Gandiva website)

Gandiva was derived from the epic story called the Mahabharata. Gandiva is a celestial bow. The bow was created by Lord Brahma, the Creator of Universe.

This new branch in Davao is surely a hit for those who wanted to spend some time and try this sport . The area is not really that wide and has seven targets to shot your arrow. They are also selling some accessories if you want to upgrade your archery equipment.


Trying this out one day was one of the exciting and fun experience. Their staffs are very friendly and nice.


Archery rates

You can choose which package you’d like to take advantage and that already includes the bow and arm guard. We tried the 40 arrows because Jas and I played together and  it’s our first time to try it (we saved 40 pesos) so both of us have 20 arrows each.

Their staff will give you brief instruction as to how to play archery (how to hold the bow, the arrow and stretching your arms etc, counting three seconds before releasing the arrow etc.) I guess this is easy hehe. As I am about to give my first shot, I remember the movie Hunger Games that I am Katniss Everdeen and also president Snow’s quote “May the odds be in your favor”





after the first trial, well I guess I really need more practice hehe 🙂

After our first trial, we decided to play again and just took advantage of the 20 arrows (10 arrows each). It was a fun sport to do as I was fulfilling my Katniss dream.


You can check on their facebook page for more inquiries.





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