Once you are in Davao, one of the dish you should try is bulcachong. There’s this one and only restaurant in Davao that serves this dish and had been operating since then.  This is one of my favorites and I crave for this often.12524351_10201516731357537_9178197586334265481_n (1)

It is cooked from the meat of carabao (buffalo) which is boiled and very tender, always served hot to every customer. Other than the bowl full of tender meat and soup, they also give another separated small bowls of soup (kalami!). I mix it with calamansi(lemon) and chili.

There are two dining area  in which you can eat this savory dish. They have air conditioned and non air conditioned and of course the serving price also differs. Non air conditioned  is for 85.00 pesos per serving while the air conditioned is 95.00 pesos. Jas and I usually order 1  because their serving is more than enough for 1 person but it depends on your eating capacity.

We decided to have our lunch in their air conditioned dining area because it was hot and humid outside 🙂


So after a good drinking session with friends, it’s also a good place to go to take a sip of their hot and delicious soup to bring back your senses. For you future travel in Davao, this is one of the restaurants you should try because this is the only restaurant here like no other. It is located at General Luna St, Davao City ( fronting St. Louis review center, Ilustre).



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