Weekend tour in Surigao del Sur day 2 part-1: Hinatuan Enchanted River

Surigao del Sur is indeed a place many people look forward to for a travel. On our day 2, I was more excited because I am curious since then about Enchanted River. I want to see it’s clear blue waters and I want to see the feeding session of the fishes that lives in this mysterious river (12 noon).

Our group left the accommodation area at 8am (after preparing ourselves and eating breakfast) then headed to our first stop which is the Enchanted River. Arriving there with no surprise since it is weekend, the place is packed with people. Good thing our guides managed to find a table where we can leave our things and prepare for our lunch.



After picture taking we were able to see the beautiful Enchanted River. It’s blue water makes it more enchanting. There were many legends about the river and many explorations had been conducted to discover its depth (according to research there is an underground cave and also chamber) One of the explorer even perished after failing to exit the narrow entrance to the cave due to a cardiac arrest at 40-meter depth inside the narrow tunnel to the Mayor’s Chamber of the underground cave (Wikipedia)



Hearing those stories makes it a little bit creepy but there is really something special with this river. Tourist and even locals visit here to witness the beauty of the river. But before we took a dip into the blue waters of Enchanted river there is another place to visit at the tip of the river which is connecting the sea.

Our guides told us that we will be riding a boat to go there.11053409_10200780626955387_176046516663270482_n

The place we went to is called Sibadan Fish Cage which is  a stop over for tourist just minutes away from Enchanted River.


It was so fun here because we were able to feed stingray and we can also swim along with the fishes

After our group enjoyed swimming and playing around the fishes we went back to Enchanted River to go swimming again.

At exactly 12:00 noon people we’re told to go up as they we’re feeding the fishes of the Enchanted River. They have a feeding ritual in which they play  along the Hinatuan’s music while feeding them. Those fishes suddenly came out of nowhere and as what I’ve heard fishing in the river is not allowed(None has ever succeeded fishing because they can’t catch any of those fishes- another tale told by local)

Big fishes came out of nowhere when the music is played during the feeding ritual.

Well, It’s time for our lunch. Our guides prepared seafoods and kinilaw with fresh fruits. Yum! 🙂 This kind of adventure really makes me hungry and maybe so as you?!

After our lunch our next destination was another pride of Surigao del Sur. The Tinuy-an Falls.  I will be posting the continuation of our day 2 Surigao del Sur part 2 trip in the next blog post.


Any thoughts about the place?Interested to visit here? Leave me some comments below 🙂


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