Review Time! Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence Lotion Review

Etude House products are Korean products which are really good for skin. One of my friend told me about this so I became interested on trying some of them because I noticed many Koreans (Koreanas) really has this dewy complexion which I want to achieve.The first product that I used from them is the Etude BB Cream. So Pearl Aura Brightening lotion is the second one which until now is part of my daily skincare routine( I have used this for more than a year) and I can say that yes! It is really effective.


I bought this at SM Lanang Etude House. It cost around 600 pesos (I guess 699 I forgot the price but pretty sure around 600 pesos) This product is in white packaging which contains 100ml lotion. It has Aurora Pearl Particles and a brightening activator. I used this one every after bath after putting on some moisturizer. It has a light and  glittery consistency which makes the skin look bright and dewy. Many of my friends really noticed my skin is brighter and whiter compared before. Well with the weather in the Philippines you have to maintain your skin if you want to have that Korean skin. Using this one makes your skin glow.


Product description…


This is how the lotion looks like. It has light consistency




If you look at the photo closer, you can see the difference. Left side has the Pearl Aura Brightening lotion and the right side has none. As you can see the one with the lotion is a little shimmery. So if you apply this in your face, It will give your face some glow and it will look dewy especially if you are exposed to the sun.


Overall I recommend this product. I almost finish my first bottle which is now for more than a year. I just bought another one for my reserve. One bottle lasts more than a year. I usually apply this first and then after that I apply my Etude BB Cream (they are good combination) for a dewy complexion as what Koreanas skin has.


Let me know about your thoughts about this product. You can leave comment below 🙂






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