Saranggani Paraglide


Flying is one of my dream. I never thought that I can experience it by means of paragliding. Last October Jas and I finally had the chance to experience this. We both enjoy doing new activities. Ever since we wanted to try this but has some hesitation because it is a little bit pricey. But last October, Saranggani Paraglide Team posted on their facebook page an event in which they offered discount for every person who wanted to experience this. I asked Jas if he would go for it since it is discounted and without hesitation he said yes! yahoo! 🙂

I sent message to Saraggani Paraglide facebook page and inquired about the event. I confirmed our reservation with them and set the date on what day we will join. It was October 31st when we experienced this enjoyable fly. We left Davao City October 30th since travelling to General Santos City takes 3-4 hrs by bus and the time set for paragliding is around 7am and since I’m not a morning person we set 1 day travelling time to Gensan so we can also go around the city. Good thing my friend Realgen (thank you Real!) who lives in Gensan offered to fetch us and recommended a hotel for us to stay in.

The next day, Sir Carl, one of the Paraglide pilots fetched us at Mcdonalds Gensan to go to the flying site which is located at Safi Ranch, Maasim, Saranggani. I was excited and a little bit nervous. A lot of things are running in my head (all the what if’s) but this is the time we’ve been waiting for. This is it oh la la!


Saranggani Paraglide Team has a 4×4 van that will transport you to the flying site. After our bumpy ride to reach the site… Here I am… Here we are… nervous but really excited. This is really is it!

12189765_1050720354951340_2156080315602655688_n (1)
Gearing up (y)
Surveying the area…chos!

As I was waiting for my turn, I was trying to calm and relax myself. If ever I will fall, goodbye Philippines! nyah joke! 🙂 I was also excited seeing others as they started to walk, walk, run, run, and fly up into the skies…

Jas and I have different Pilots so we we’re not able to take photos during our take offs. You have to have presence of mind and calm yourself.

Now it’s my turn to fly…

The experience was surreal… You can even see the beautiful Saranggani Bay

I’m Flying…

This is now real… My dream came into reality. I can feel the wind in my skin. I was also playing Nelly Furtado’s song in my head (I’m like a bird I’ll only fly away 🎶)

My pilot let me experience the 360 degrees glide as I was shouting at the top of my lungs 😀









My flying time took 12 min. I was enjoying myself seeing  beautiful things from above. Everything was small. Everything is beautiful. Everything is worth it. I’m so proud of myself that I manage to do this kind of activity.


For those who would like to experience this, you should! This is definitely a must try!


Another bucket list checked! 🙂 We paid P2,500 each for this paragliding experience for a promo event price.

Check our Video here:



Saffi Ranch 1, Sitio Seguil, Barangay Tinoto
Maasim, Sarangani province

For those who are planning to try Saranggani Paraglide, you can visit their facebook account and send them a message for more details.




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