Weekend tour in Surigao del Sur

Surigao del Sur, Philippines is one of the popular places among locals or even foreign tourist nowadays. It has beautiful places to visit now especially the Britania group of Islands, Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River. Last July 2015, My boyfriend and I decided to try and experience the place because as what we’ve seen on facebook posts and featured photos the place is really inviting. We came up of the idea of joining travel and tour package so that it’s hassle free on our side. So after researching of which travel and tour company we will join, we joined  Toureatgao travel and tour Surigao del Sur Package. Since it’s only me and Jas (boyfiend) we asked them if we can join a group because packages usually requires 10-15 pax. So yes! We are able to join a group and confirmed our reservation with them. Their travel packages are usually weekends. We paid 2,950 each inclusion of van transfer, meals, fees and accommodation, for 2 days.

So the day has come for our travel. Their travel and tour company have a meeting place to meet up. We waited at Victoria Plaza parking lot for the other members to come. It will take about 3-4 hrs travel from Davao to Surigao del Sur. Maam Shiela our tour guide and owner of Toureatgao decided to travel to Surigao by Friday night rather than travelling early morning so that we can still rest and have more energy during our tour. We left Davao around 10pm and arrived 1:30am. So, we still had time to take a short sleep before our day 1 travel. Woke up around 6am (well, its just a short nap for me maybe I was too excited for our tour) and ate breakfast. We left accommodation area around 8am. So now here are some of the photos of our day 1 travel.

Day 1 Itinerary

First Stop: Britania group of Islands



It was a fun experience having a tour around the islands

We stopped by at one of the islands in Britania for our lunch that the tour guides prepared. All seafoods with fresh fruits. 🙂 Yum!

Second Stop: Bogac Cold Spring

After our Britania tour our next destination is in Bogac Cold Spring. We decided not to take a dip into the cold water but just sit and relax instead and ate some fresh fruits.



After Bogac Cold Spring, we were headed to go up to the famous International Doll house where there are collections of  dolls with different types and origins.



The dolls are well preserved and maintained in an airconditioned room (sosyal na mga dolls!) The staff of the doll house international will give a brief introduction about the place and the dolls they kept. They look cute but some of them looked creepy (thinking of Anabelle and Chucky)as I was Imagining they become real at night😱👻



Just beside the doll house is the ocean view park restaurant where you can also order foods and eat after a tiring but enjoyable tour. We decided not to eat because we will have our dinner once we’re back in our accommodation place. We enjoyed instead the ocean view above, and view of Mount Diwata.


Our day 1 at Surigao del Sur was indeed a fun filled experience because other than our tour, we’re able to meet new friends. I will be posting the continuation of our tour in the next blog.


You can check Toureatgao page for some travel package inquiries



Planning to go here? Leave me some comments below 🙂



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